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Saint Cosme Little James Basket Press Rouge MV, Provence


MV Saint Cosme Little James Basket Press Rouge

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Saint Cosme Little James’ Basket Press Rouge carries the Vin de France designation due to its unique production method. This 100% Grenache is made from blending wines from multiple vintages in concrete tanks starting with the 1999 vintage. The result is a wine that is both vibrant and complex.

Rhone, France

Tasting Notes
The winemaker believes this as the ideal wine for discovering the typicity of the southern Rhône Grenache, as it combines a broad array of varietal Grenache traits: softness, red fruit, and vibrancy with a dash of power, length, and structure. Aromas and flavours of cherries, strawberry compote, and gingerbread.

Ideal with stews, braises, and grilled meats, while lighter versions can work well with dark fish and tomato-based dishes such as ratatouille.

90 points, Vine Group



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